About CFP

Cheevies Film Productions started in 2002 in South Holland, Illinois, a few years after Derek Braasch graduated from Columbia College in Chicago.  After working for some time as a production assistant on many independent films, music videos, and corporate shoots, Derek decided to branch out. From then on, he worked as a 1st assistant director, cinematographer, grip, lighting assistant, location scout, and assistant editor. While performing these various jobs within the film industry, Derek became confident in his abilities and decided to direct, produce, and shoot his own short film, “Right In Front Your Eyes.”  This film has had local screenings and was entered in ten festivals.

After finishing up with his short film, Derek directed his first feature, “The Icing”, written by David Meyers and starring Tony Marino, Kelly LaMont, Katie Cleary (Iron Man 2,Chuck) and Jim McMahon, former Chicago Bears quarterback. During this production, he recruited his Cheevies Film crew to complete this feature and realize his life-long dream – making movies!!  Derek gives special thanks to his brother Kevin (1st AD / producer), Mark Sartain (2ndAD/producer), Kevin Epperson (2ndAD), Jim Atkins (cinematographer), and Brian Broscoe (supporting actor and film composer). The “Icing” will be completed late Fall 2010 and will hit the festival circuit.

Cheevies started production in June 2009 on their second feature, “Murder for Pleasure,” an ultra-gory and twisted horror film.  It is directed, produced, and co-written by Derek Braasch. Eric Mattson is back with Cheevies as 1st A.D. and producer, while Brian Broscoe returns as a supporting actor (as well as scoring the film).  Nina Trader joins Cheevies as a production manager, assistant director, and editor, while Becky Crawford joins as a supporting actress and casting director. Becky Lange is in charge of props, the art department, and assists with lighting. Jessica Beans was in charge of wardrobe bringing the characters to life. Our key production assistant was Trevor Notz.  Mike Miller and Anthony Pelizzeri are co-writers, production assistants and actors.

The lead in “Murder for Pleasure” is Nick Bender, who plays Victor, the cold-blooded serial killer. This is his first production with Cheevies and he has done a superb job.  Andrea Iazzetto plays Maxi, his love interest in the film.

Cheevies is working with great talent to produce the music and scoring of the film.  Brian Broscoe, who has scored every project for Cheevies to date, is scoring the majority of the film.  The band, Lollypop Tragedy, will provide additional scoring and music for the film.  The self-titled song “Murder for Pleasure” will be premiered in the film.  Check out the MFP (Murder For Pleasure) music video by Lollypop Tragedy, which is the first video shot for the company.  Lead singer, Mike Tragedy, provided the location for the killer’s basement, helping to enhance the creepy atmosphere of the film.  The band Full Throttle, who has won the Battle of the Bands, will have their killer track “Beast” featured in the film.  Down N Dirty, who has played in Rocklahoma Fest this past summer opening for such bands as Firehouse, Warrant, and Steelheart, will also have their music featured. Also, Down N Dirty’s managers band, Badfun will be providing some tracks.

Roger Trier is the Web Designer for the Murder for Pleasure and Cheevies Film Productions websites.  Trier has been instrumental in editing the trailer and crafting the company logo. He also has a brief acting role in the film.

Last, but certainly not least, is the genius behind the gory and grisly makeup effects. The disturbing realism of the gore in Murder for Pleasure could not be achieved without the amazing talent of our makeup artists, Stephanie and Bonnie.

“Murder for Pleasure” will be completed by late winter 2011.